Each and every Griste accessory is both unique and original: it starts to take shape in the designer’s mind, triggered off by a whole range of ideas – a famous gem, a fashion parade, a novel, a book on architecture – then it is transferred onto paper and afterwards elaborated on the computer using CAD and CAM programs.
The next step after the technical drawing is the creation of a prototype which goes on to enrich the internal collection of samples. The production department also avails of the services of a select group of companies that works exclusively for Griste guaranteeing compliance with the high qualitative standards required by the company.

Griste fulfils dreams. The ones which the clients know about as well as those they are not yet aware of having.
Working with Griste means making full use of the wealth of ideas that the company preserves in its archives, but also to provide instructions so as to achieve the creation of a specific product.
In both cases, you can count on our professional consultancy services, collaboration and perhaps the most precious element of all, the availability to satisfy the clients’ needs.
Among the very few high-level companies that propose a complete collection of samples of its own products, Griste preserves not only the company history but also that of the entire world of footwear accessories in velvet cases. The collection of samples is a continuous source of inspiration for the designers who ask to consult it as if it were a work of art kept inside a museum; this is one of the elements that makes Griste stand out from the rest.
As regards the creation of accessories, Griste only uses top quality raw materials –semi-precious hard stones, crystal, enamels, brass.
Zamak casting, casting brass, cold moulding, pantograph processing, welding, marking, enamelling, cleaning and polishing as well as hypo-allergenic galvanising baths are among the main processes that make it possible for us to create impeccable quality objects.