Griste was founded in 1975. Making the most of the experience gained in metal micro-machining and galvanising treatments sectors, in the 1980s, Griste targeted the footwear sector by creating their first accessories for shoes and leather goods. Thanks to collaborations with established local designers, with whom it shares the desire to enhance local professionalism and entrepreneurial vision, Griste has rapidly become a reference point in this sector.
Today the company is run by Guido’s son and daughter who carry forward a philosophy they were taught by their family consisting of commitment and honesty as well as the relationships with both indispensable employees and collaborators and customers without whom Griste jewellery could never have existed.

Those who choose Griste are not just ordinary clients: it is of fundamental importance for Alberto and Letizia to succeed in satisfying all the clients’ desires, by assisting them in their search for the perfect element that makes their creations unique.
As from 2008, a system has been operating on the company roof producing 49 Kw/hour of clean energy capable of fulfilling most of the structural needs.